Labour Contract Negotiation

Portside offers an experienced team of labour contract negotiators. Portside negotiated labour contracts for large organisations such as Patricks, Tasports, POAGS (Qube) and DP World Australia. In 2015, Portside brokered the Enterprise Agreement for DP World Australia 2015-2019 delivering a significant saving for the life of the agreement.

Mediation and Conciliation

This service affords the 'circuit breaker' at times necessary to assist parties to close an agreement. Portside is able to offer the skill set and the experience to provide qualified mediation in situations in which an impasse seems inevitable.

Portside also offers broader services relating to employee interaction and engagement. From employee surveys through to practical solutions such as return to work plans and conflict resolution, Portside is competent, astute and highly experienced.


Having conducted management courses and seminars throughout the world, Portside tailors the sophisticated corporate training models for port operations and logistics. Portside offers a broad range of training solutions. We have the experience and expertise to deliver initiatives that cover the spectrum from executive coaching to dockworker training.

A key differentiator of our development initiatives is that they are underpinned by sound theory and experience that underpins any effective training programme, but we focus on a range of practical tools and techniques that will give learners the courage and confidence to drive and sustain change in themselves, and in the workplace.

Our training solutions are based on a thorough training needs analysis and are developed using established adult learning principles and expert delivery to give the learner every opportunity to succeed in the training phase. We also offer a range of operational coaching services to ensure that the learnings are embedded into operating practices upon return to the workplace. From a sustainability viewpoint we develop local staff to be able to deliver the programme internally after the initial roll-out.

Every organisation is different and we are convinced that the best learning outcomes are achieved when client and consultant work together to develop a product and process that reflects the specific needs of an organisation in consultation with all stakeholders.