The development of global supply chains has increased the pressure on maritime transport, port operations, and on inland freight distribution.

Portside enables port authorities to develop specific load center and logistics platforms that strengthen the position of the port as a gateway. Efficiency and profitability through these platforms is derived from high level integration with inland freight distribution systems and the enhancement of spatial and functional configuration of the port. Innovative containerization practices and unique intermodal solutions have yielded profitable results for Portside’s clients both in the maritime and inland infrastructure space.

Portside’s services range from vessel management systems, warehouse management and distribution processes, specialty cargo handling and the design of cargo handling service plans for general cargo and dry bulk commodities.

Container Bulk Handling (CBH)

Portside’s particular speciality is Container Bulk Handling (CBH) which enables mining companies with bulk products to utilise traditional container handling equipment in order to export product. This unique handling solution also enables underutilised container ports access to an alternate revenue stream. Portside has implemented this system on three continents with excellent results. The CBH system is a low cost, low pollution method of getting ore or dry bulk to market.

Pit to port solutions

An increase in the number of mega mining projects throughout the world has placed pressure on port operations and inland freight distribution networks. Multi-commodity port handling adaptability and inland accessibility has become a cornerstone in port competitiveness. Portside enables ports to add value and increase profitability via logistics integration. With the emergence of global logistics companies, the mining sector has increasingly gravitated towards integrated services and capabilities strategies (design, build and operate).

Portside sees this shift as an opportunity to increase port market share. Most ports are perfectly placed to provide integrated logistics solutions, given their relationship with both the inland distribution networks and the maritime industry.

As a company, Portside works with the ports and with mining companies to identify and implement efficient and cost effective pit to port solutions.