Seamless Security Systems

As with Safety and Environment, terminal and port security cannot be compromised. The objective of Portside is to assist clients to make the best available choice in order to protect their assets. Portside is able to provide short and long term solutions, as well as advice to the client in order to establish the level of security and protection required.

Portside has an intimate understanding of the challenges port operators and users can encounter when operating in remote environments. Portside has developed an integrated security solution for a variety of challenging and sophisticated port and logistics operations throughout Africa. These solutions ensure operational continuity from pit to port and if necessary beyond, ultimately enhancing operational performance by off-setting risk, maximising output and minimising stoppages.

Portside offers a complete range of electronic and physical security measures and solutions, maintenance of new and existing security measures, and technical surveillance countermeasures. Portside also offers investigators who provide the expertise and resources necessary to investigate corporate, white-collar and computer-based offences, when law enforcement authorities are unable to provide satisfactory resources or where a degree of confidentiality is deemed necessary.