Protective Services

Portside provides the human, physical and electronic protective services necessary to successfully protect assets, property and personnel from intrusion, forced entry, violence and theft. Portside works closely with Government Authorities to ensure the legal rights of clients.

Portside’s protective services platform includes a low profile close personal protection for high profile individuals, employees involved in intimidation campaigns. Close personal protection is offered for round-the-clock protection and security and workplace injury risk mitigation. The following are some examples of Portside’s services within Security:

  • Risk assessment and reduction
  • Provision and Management of Manpower Services
  • Individual close personal protection
  • Case investigation
  • Maintenance of new and existing technology-based security measures
  • Legislative compliance assessments (including hazardous materials and explosive materials)
  • Technical surveillance services
  • Perimeter control
  • Site and supply chain security assessments and implementation
  • Technical Surveillance and asset protection
  • Design of terminal security operating systems and procedures
  • A full suite of Maritime Security service