Changes in the patterns and drivers of the shipping industry has fostered significant shifts in the design and operation of terminal facilities. New forms of cargo handling technology and hybrid storage solutions further diversifies the efficient use of space in ports. Portside offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to optimise existing projects and design greenfield projects including conceptual studies and modelling all the way through to detailed design and EPCM services. Portside particularly specialises in application of unique cargo handling solutions in both remote and urban settings. Portside also focuses on handling solutions that increase cargo handling rates, improve operational methods, facilitate sea channel and landside access and introduce the potential for fully automated operations.

Portside delivers terminal design services tailored to meet the needs of each customer. Specialising in container and bulk terminals, Portside’s strength lies in its extensive knowledge of terminal management, which ensures the economic and operational viability of its design solutions.

Particularly strong in the upgrade of existing facilities and the development of greenfield sites, the Portside team captures the needs of its clients in succinct master plans and feasibility studies, that are then consolidated into detailed engineering and equipment models.

Portside specialises in the verification of alternative technology, equipment, location, capacity, financing methods and the assumptions upon which the decisions have to be based. Portside provides high-level project analysis. This includes privatisation strategies, infrastructure and equipment options as well as identification of any mitigating limitations and/or risk for the client including actual terminal viability.

With many decades of experience in developing port and marine infrastructure, Portside provides a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Project design / scoping studies
  • Throughput assessments
  • Infrastructure design
  • Port master planning
  • Equipment design and specification
  • Preparation of design parameters
  • Operations input into master planning, including logistics solutions and phasing solutions
  • Operations input into truck and rail interchange solutions / container transfer / empty container parks
  • Input into master plans for Quarantine and Customs locations